Charcoal Rolls Incense Easy & Fast Ignition


The best quality of charcoal that exists for your incense! Latest heat-flow technology ideal for keeping the full aroma of your incense. Turns on completely in 5 seconds!


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Sabily Collection is pleased to discover the best charcoal quality on the international market, simply the best coals for your incense!

Our charco-lite is a quick ignition coal made without harmful chemicals and based on ingredients of excellent quality using heat-flow technology!

It sets ablaze quickly without smoke and odour and burns from all sides slowly and evenly.

This coal burn on 5 seconds with a torch, a lighter or simply on fire. Its ignition is therefore very fast and his lasting is around 1H30.

This technology will make it possible to not alter the smell of your incense and enjoy the pure scenter without adverse effect for the health.

The 10 tablets of individual coal weigh 15g and are in the round of the loan to employment.

How to use the charcoal?


1. Prepare your censer by putting a thick layer of aluminum which will protect it from the high heat of the charco-lite!

2. Take a piece of burning charcoal & heat a corner of it with a small flame (lighter/cooker) for only 5 seconds until it becomes red hot.

3. Place the piece of coal in censer burner.

4. Place a small amount of your incense in the burner.

5. Enjoy the beautiful smell of your incense.

6. Remove children (risk of burns).

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Weight 130 g