Oud Oil Laos Aged 2016 (Antique Grade) Pure Agarwood Oil Dehn Al Oud

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Oud Oil Laos Antique… Allow us to introduce our legendary 2016 Antique Oud oil from Laos, a vintage treasure of exceptional quality. Extracted from rare Agarwood and aged for decades, this essence embodies timeless elegance. Its deep, sweet woody notes, enhanced by subtle hints of vanilla and spices, create a rich and sumptuous olfactory symphony.

Owning this type of Oud is possessing a piece of history, an unforgettable sensory experience that transcends eras. Let yourself be captivated by the excellence of this legendary Oud from Laos.


Immerse yourself in the essence of luxury with our 7 year aged Oud oil from Laos, creating a true vintage masterpiece, a rare gem in the world of perfumery. Our Antique Laos Oud Oil embodies the quintessence of refinement, extracted from a rare and exceptional Agarwood, harvested from the depths of Laotian forests.

Each drop of this oil evokes the deep history of these ancient trees, matured for decades. You will be enchanted by its profound woody notes, enhanced by subtle hints of honey, vanilla, and spices, creating a captivating olfactory symphony.

Wearing this vintage oil is a journey through time, a luxurious experience that connects you to tradition while embodying timeless elegance. It becomes a part of your identity, leaving an enchanting trace wherever you go. It’s like reliving a luxurious past, an era where elegance and refinement reigned supreme.

Our Antique Laos Oud becomes an extension of your own story, leaving a timeless imprint of your presence. It’s an invitation to discover the extraordinary, a voyage into the heart of mystical Asia, all while celebrating the pure quality of vintage.

This 7 year aged Oud oil is more than just a fragrance, it’s an investment in refinement and allure, a sensory experience that celebrates heritage and rarity. Let yourself be tempted by this unique essence, an invitation to explore the extraordinary, an olfactory treasure that transcends eras.

Dare to immerse yourself in this exceptional olfactory richness, and let our Antique Laos Oud seduce you. It’s the essence of timeless excellence, a precious treasure you will cherish forever, becoming your new olfactory signature…


From the world’s most expensive and valuable wood, this oil from Oud is used by the world’s leading perfume companies to design their luxury fragrance.

This precious high-value luxury product is obtained from several types of trees in South East Asia, the best known being the Aquilaria Malaccensis because of its quality and exceptional fragrance.

Its benefits:

Agarwood is also considered a very powerful aphrodisiac. In many cultures, women imbued their clothes as well as they perfume themselves. It is in oily form that oud wood is commonly used. In the Arab world, its oil is used to perfume itself on the skin. It is an essential raw material in the perfumery of the Middle East. Very precious, the oil develops a captivating aroma, incredibly refined at once animal, crude and sophisticated… Its perfume will bring you well being and dissipate your stress. (إن شاء الله)

Vintage product!

Antique Grade (higher quality than Malaki grade)

Distilled in 2016

Very Long-lasting hold guaranteed

Made from 100% natural Agarwood

Notes: Sweet, Floral, woody, honey, vanilla, strong

Luxury bottle of 1ml, 3ml or 12ml

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1ml, 3ml, 12ml

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Abdur R. (United States)
For lovers of Laos

Subhana Allah!!..
Not sure how they did BUT IM VERY GLAD THEY DID..
I have NOT smelled a version of LAOS this good in Years.. it definitely is reminiscent of OLD LAOS...
jazakumullahu khairan for Suppling us with this Ofactory TREAT!!!

We greatly appreciate your positive feedback. We are honored by your positive review on the exceptional quality of our Laos Antique, highlighting the remarkable quality. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are delighted to have met your expectations coming from a connoisseur like you. We strive to provide high-quality olfactory experiences! See you again!