Oud Oils Perfume Box 7 Variety Pure Agarwood Oil Dehn Al Oud

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A box of Pure Oud Oil that will make you travel through a rich and authentic olfactory universe…
Discover the precious and magnificent fragrances of the Oud, a real treasure of nature…


We offer this discovery Oud Perfume box consisting of 7 samples of Pure Oudh Oil from different regions of South East Asia.

The Agarwood Oil commonly called Oud Oil or Dehn Al Oud is a very fragrant essence, an exquisite Natural Fragrance with rich and varied notes extracted from the famous high quality and matured Agarwood (Oud).

It is distilled using the best wooden Agar trees.

This traditional 100% Natural fragrance forms the heart of oriental culture (Arab culture) and serves as a basic ingredient for the world’s most prestigious perfumery.

Indeed this perfume Oud is very sought after by lovers of unique and exceptional scent.

In this luxurious box you have an excellent range to experiment and adopt these unique fragrances from Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia that denotes the power and quality of this captivating perfume!

Dare to try the magnificent fragrance of precious Oud oil is to open oneself to a new sensory experience, escape from the everyday and be carried away by the magic of the senses. It is to adorn oneself with a mysterious and captivating aura that awakens emotions and inspires admiration.

So why wait any longer? Treat yourself to this unique sensory experience, immerse yourself in the enchanting aromas of precious Oud oil, and let its fragrance transport you to distant horizons where beauty and grace unite in an unforgettable perfumed harmony.

We offer 2 types of packs.

The 7 samples contained in the packs
( 1ml of each):

Pack Silver:
▪️ Oud Oil Cambodi sweet
▪️ Oud Oil Laos
▪️ Oud Oil Kalimantan Super
▪️ Oud Oil Prachin aged 2020
▪️ Oud Oil Trat
▪️ Oud Oil Trat Malaki aged 2020
▪️ Oud Oil Cambodi Super aged 2018

Pack Golden:
▪️ Oud Oil Burmese Malaki Aged 2020
▪️ Oud Oil Hindi Suyufi
▪️ Oud Oil Prachin Aged 2020
▪️ Oud Oil Trat Antique Aged 2019
▪️ Oud Oil Hindi Assam Malaki Aged 2022
▪️ Oud Oil Borneo Aged 2021
▪️ Oud Oil Laos Antique Aged 2016

Family of fragrance: Oriental

Fragrance Type: Pure Oud Oil

Capacity: 1 ml x 7 bottles

Different Notes: Leather, fruity, sweet, meadow, tobacco, floral, aged and woody with a touch of black and dry fruits.

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Silver, Golden

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Coffret oud

Excellente découverte de différents oud de diverses pays, très bonne qualité, senteur exquis, n'hésitez pas passer la commande votre odorat en sera très content :)

Merci pour cet excellent commentaire, nous espérons continuer à répondre à vos besoins en Oud, à très bientôt pour de nouvelles découvertes.