Oud Oil Laosi Pure Agarwood Oil Dehn Al Oud (New Batch)

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Our Pure Oud Oil from Laos Agarwood has a sumptuous scent that combines mysterious leather suede, tobacco, slightly woody and floral notes. An oil with refined scents, rich in aroma that will seduce you!


We are pleased to offer you the famous pure Oud Oil from Laos Agarwood…

This Pure Oil comes from the western region of Laos bordering Burma where we find the wonderful dense forests composed of different types of trees including the tree Aquilaria Malaccensis, one of the types of trees carrying this resin if precious and so appreciated by perfume lovers…

We offer you this pure oil of Agarwood from this wild region, difficult to access and so appreciated!

This oil is distilled from an aged Agarwood (Oud) of very good quality. It is dark brown in color and exudes a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance that combines rich, tobacco and woody notes that are both intense and sweet and evolve in depth.

The Oil of Laos is one of the best Agarwood Oils in Asia because of its diverse and rich notes. Its fragrance will seduce you and you will discover mysterious tones throughout your day.


From the world’s most expensive and precious wood, this Oud oil is used by the world’s leading perfume companies to design their luxury fragrance.
This precious high-value luxury product is obtained from several types of trees in South East Asia, the best known being the Aquilaria Malaccensis because of its quality and exceptional fragrance.

Its benefits:

Agarwood is also considered a very powerful aphrodisiac. In many cultures, women imbued their clothes as well as they perfume themselves. It is in oily form that oud wood is commonly used. In the Arab world, its oil is used to perfume itself on the skin. It is an essential raw material in the perfumery of the Middle East. Very precious, the oil develops a captivating aroma, incredibly refined at once floral, smoked, crude and sophisticated… Its perfume will bring you well being and dissipate your stress. (إن شاء الله)

Our 100% pure and natural Oil is extracted and distilled from the best Laos Agarwood.

Rare product and very high quality!

Long-lasting guarantee.

Made from 100% natural wild Oud.

Notes: Leather Suede, meadows, woody, earthy, tobacco and sweet (slightly).

Bottle of 1ml, 3ml and 12ml.

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1ml, 3ml, 12ml

Customer Reviews

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Un oud de caractère magnifique sublime

Votre satisfaction est notre objectif, merci à vous !

For Laos oud lovers!!!

Once again.. This laos oud is AMAZING.. it starts a Soft but very alluring dark scent that laos brings.. BUT later It becomes an enchanting CANDY like sweetness..
If you love oud.. Laos etc.. YOU GOTTA GET THIS...


We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed. Thank you for your review. See you soon!

Allahuma baarik

Ce dehn al oud est magnifique non seulement il tient des heures mais en plus de ça il est fort et sublime ma sha Allah je recommande

La satisfaction du client est notre objectif, et cela nous fait plaisir lorsqu'il est atteint. BarakAllahou fikoum pour ce très beau commentaire! A très bientôt..


This oud is one on its own, I have never smelled anything like this, truly yet another work of art in nature. I can’t find words to describe this other than intoxicating and very high quality, Royal. You could expect a prince to wear this.

Thank you so much Sir for this fabulous review, see you soon!

Magnifique parfum

Un parfum de grande classe.
C'est la première fois que j'essaye le Laos et ce parfum sent magnifiquement bon, un parfum qu'on a toujours envi de porter.

Très beau commentaire, merci beaucoup.