Oud Oil Cambodia Aged 2018 Grade Super Pure Agarwood Oil Dehn Al Oud

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Pure Oud Oil from Cambodia of Super Grade has a unique strong fragrance with animal and leather notes that will evolve over the hours towards fresh and sweet notes, an admirable and unique fragrance to discover!


Pure Agarwood Oil Cambodi…

At Sabily Collection we offer you this so famous and so popular wild Oud Oil from Cambodia, so you can expand your collection of pure Agarwood Oil and enjoy its irresistible fragrance.

This oil is extracted from a Cambodian Oud since 2018, aged 2 years, this natural oil from Cambodia is very famous. It is brown color and exudes a sweet, intense scent that combines floral and animal notes. It will make you discover as new notes animalics, sweet and fresh. A surprising olfactory blend harmoniously combined.

An Oud adapted to all seasons, ideal in winter as in summer thanks to its soft and warm notes at the same time which come with each gust of wind to remind us of the pleasure and the mystery of the Oud…

Guaranteed long-lasting hold.


From the world’s most expensive and precious wood, this Oud oil is used by the world’s leading perfume companies to design their luxury fragrance.

This precious high-value luxury product is obtained from several types of trees in South East Asia, the best known being the Aquilaria Malaccensis because of its quality and exceptional fragrance.

Its benefits:

Agarwood is also considered a very powerful aphrodisiac. In many cultures, women imbued their clothes as well as they perfume themselves. It is in oily form that oud wood is commonly used. In the Arab world, its oil is used to perfume itself on the skin. It is an essential raw material in the perfumery of the Middle East. Very precious, the oil develops a captivating aroma, incredibly refined at once floral, smoked, crude and sophisticated… Its perfume will bring you well being and dissipate your stress. (إن شاء الله)

Good quality product!

Guaranteed long-lasting

Made from wild Oud 100% natural

Notes: leather, smoky, animalic, fresh, sweet, tobacco, floral

We offer this oil in luxury bottle of 1ml, 3ml and 12ml

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1ml, 3ml, 12ml

Customer Reviews

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Masha Allah.. I just titled it CAMBODI because its MUMTAZ.. Its well done.. The notes are very well balanced and the silliage is constant...

I love it.. Definitely feeling the quality...


Thank you sir we're glad to be a part of your Oud Oil experience. Enjoy the great smell.


Un Dehn al oud comme je les aime, il débute sur des notes boisées, légèrement de prairies puis laisse place aux sublimes notes de tabac et de cuir, un régal pour les sens. Très satisfait !

Merci d'avoir laissé votre avis, à très bientôt!

Masha Allah

Selem aleykoum elhamdoulillah je suis satisfait de la commande , le vendeur est à l'écoute et suis le colis de A à Z , et ne parlons pas de l'odeur magnifique ! Allahi berek .

Wa alaykoum Salam, très heureux de vous voir satisfait, et merci à vous d'avoir pris le temps de nous donner votre avis! A très bientôt...