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We are delighted to present our second Burmese Wild Oud Oil…

It has a beautiful reddish color and a long-lasting aroma that mixes rich sweet, melted chocolate and woody notes that are both powerful and evolving in depth. An authentic perfume that will seduce you and make you addictive…


This wild Oud oil comes from a region in northern Burma. It is composed of vibrant musky aroma, rich wild berries with floral notes, giving off a strong woody smell with slightly meadow notes in the top notes, it will soften over the hours, revealing notes of honey and melted chocolate, which make this perfume completely addictive by offering you a very long-lasting and above all a great aroma with wild and exotic tones!

This Burmese Agarwood Oil has been carefully and professionally distilled, very clean and reddish brown in color. A drop of this incredible Oud oil will not fail to surprise those around you, with its musky and sweet notes, we are sure to leave no one indifferent in its path!

Those looking for a perfume of character and elegance will find satisfaction in this Oud oil. The sillage is excellent and soft, it is a real elixir of luxury that will charm anyone who wants to make their scent their signature.

Agarwood Oil (or Aloeswood Oil) is known to bring relaxation to the mind, warm the heart, and offers a truly uplifting experience by opening a pathway to rest and contentment. Aloeswood is very rare and a pure quality like the one we offer is very difficult to obtain.

Its aromatic and warm long-lasting fragrance gives off powerful Oud notes, earthy with an intense smoky aroma and musky tones mixed with melted chocolate notes, characteristic of most Ouds from the forests of Burma.


From the world’s most expensive and valuable wood, this oil from Oud is used by the world’s leading perfume companies to design their luxury fragrance.

This precious high-value luxury product is obtained from several types of trees in South East Asia, the best known being the Aquilaria Malaccensis because of its quality and exceptional fragrance.

Its benefits:

Agarwood is also considered a very powerful aphrodisiac. In many cultures, women imbued their clothes as well as they perfume themselves. It is in oily form that oud wood is commonly used. In the Arab world, its oil is used to perfume itself on the skin. It is an essential raw material in the perfumery of the Middle East. Very precious, the oil develops a captivating aroma, incredibly refined at once animal, crude and sophisticated… Its perfume will bring you well being and dissipate your stress.
(إن شاء الله)

Rare and exceptional product!

Guaranteed very long-lasting.

Made from 100% natural wild Oud.

Notes: Woody, sweet, melted chocolate, honey, slightly barnyard, smooth incense aroma, leather, floral.

We offer this oil in luxury bottle of 1ml, 3ml and 12ml.

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1ml, 3ml, 12ml

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High quality Oud

Excellent Oud Burma, I love it, long lasting and wonderful aroma. Very good quality for an affordable price 👏

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.