Wild Oud Chips Jambi Sumatra Agarwood Triple Super Indonesia


Jambi’s Oud is a marvel and is one of the best Indonesian Ouds with its vanilla notes and floral notes!

All Oud lovers must have it in their collection, prepare your stocks…


We present here the must of the Ouds of Sumatra, an Oud full of beautiful surprises and worthy of the greatest Indonesian Oud from the Aquilaria Malaccensis, the famous Agarwood of Jambi with exceptional quality of Grade Triple Super.

After having tested many Indonesian Ouds from different regions of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Papua, Celebes, Flores and the most remote islands of Sumatra, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Aloeswood of Jambi is one of the best Oud in this huge country that is Indonesia.

Its fragrance gives off a sublime floral freshness, slightly woody, with sweet notes of honey and vanilla that lull our senses, leaving us with a feeling of joy and restful well-being that we never tire of!

Jambi’s Oud is not unknown to Oud lovers, generally it can be found in the market with an average quality, most often in Super grade. It is extremely rare to find the quality that we offer you in the Jambi region, a dangerous tropical region, with dense forests populated by many predators such as the Sumatran tiger…

This Triple Super places it among our best natural Incenses, just have the pieces in your hand and smell it directly to discover its magnificent fragrance which is just waiting to be placed on a low temperature incense burner or on a hot coal with a layer of aluminium foil…

A highly recommended Oud.

Very limited quantity!

Ideal to perfume your home before receiving guests, for major events such as parties and weddings or simply to spend a good time relaxing.

Directions to use for Oud:

With our Oud to burn you will enjoy an exceptional olfactory journey that will offer you a unique experience. We strongly recommend the use of a layer of aluminium foil on your hot charcoal in order to prolong the burning time and to guarantee you a pure and better aroma!

Its benefits:

Agarwood is also considered a very powerful aphrodisiac. In many cultures, women imbued their clothes as well as they perfume themselves. Used in medicine, agarwood is a cure for nervous disorders such as neurosis, obsessive behavior, and exhaustion. He is highly psychoactive and allows a rapprochement with our spiritual side. This is why it is the best meditation incense, bringing energy to the center and calming the mind. Its smell will give you well being and dissipate your stress.

It is credited with benefits against stomach aches, certain cardiovascular diseases, neuropathies, nausea or asthma. It is even widely used by the pharmaceutical industry because it is naturally rich in terpenoids (natural sedative and anxiolytic) as well as in polyphenols (natural antioxidant). It also aids digestion. Its medicinal properties have been proven in particular for sleep disorders, cholesterol and much more…

Its rarity, and its many virtues, therefore make agarwood an extremely sought-after precious wood, and therefore extremely expensive.

Its notes: sweet, fresh, woody, floral, honey, vanilla

Region: Jambi (Sumatra Island)

Specie of tree: Aquilaria Malaccensis

Wild Agarwood 100% natural

Grade: Triple Super

Very Long lasting

Packaging: 10g

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A.A.Q. (Oman)

Smells smooth like freshly made salted-popcorn with extra butter and a touch of vanilla that adds a nice, mild sweetness. Now I'm craving popcorn!

Thank you for this nice comment, and we hope you'll continue to enjoy using our Oud from Jambi!