Oud Oil Cambodia Sweet Pure Agarwood Oil Dehn Al Oud

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Pure Oud Oil from Cambodia has a unique and sweet scent with floral and slightly animalic notes that will evolve into fruity notes throughout your day, a wonderful and unique fragrance to discover!


Pure Dehn Al Oud Al Cambodi…

At Sabily Collection we offer you this so famous and so popular Oud Oil from Cambodia, so you can expand your collection of pure Agarwood Oil and enjoy its irresistible fragrance.

This oil is extracted from Cambodian Oud, this natural agarwood from Cambodia. It is brown color and exudes a sweet, intense scent that combines floral notes and slightly leather. It will make you discover as new notes, floral, sweet and smooth from start to end. A surprising olfactory blend harmoniously combined.

Cambodian Oud oils are generally highly appreciated by lovers of pure Oud and natural scents. The notes of this perfume make everyone agree so much its perfume becomes addictive and takes on a feeling of happiness and well-being each time one smells its intense, rich and deep scent.

Its fragrance reminds us of the pieces of Oud that we place on the charcoal with its woody notes, magnificently sweet with notes of honey. An essential Oud Oil if you like Oud which is neither very powerful nor too powerful. It will be perfectly adapted to your expectations and your desires!

Our Oud Cambodia Sweet will become your olfactory signature…


From the world’s most expensive and precious wood, this Oud oil is used by the world’s leading perfume companies to design their luxury fragrance.
This precious high-value luxury product is obtained from several types of trees in South East Asia, the best known being the Aquilaria Malaccensis because of its quality and exceptional fragrance.

Its benefits:

Agarwood is also considered a very powerful aphrodisiac. In many cultures, women imbued their clothes as well as they perfume themselves. It is in oily form that oud wood is commonly used. In the Arab world, its oil is used to perfume itself on the skin. It is an essential raw material in the perfumery of the Middle East. Very precious, the oil develops a captivating aroma, incredibly refined at once animal, crude and sophisticated… Its perfume will bring you well being and dissipate your stress. (إن شاء الله)

Good quality product!

100% natural, no chimicals in the process.

Unisex Fragrance

Notes: Leather, floral, sweetness, woody, fruity.

We offer this oil in luxury bottle of 1ml, 3ml and 12ml.



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1ml, 3ml, 12ml

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Scents of the Garden

Alhamdulillah.. It is of no Mystery as to why Oud has been used through out history.. Masha Allah it truly is a SCENT sent from the Jannat...!!!
Captivating and downright DELICIOUS..

A MUST.. to add to your collection....

Thumbs up Sabily collection

Nice to hear, thanks for the great review!

Earthy elixir

Earthy elixir
Excellent fragrance, wild and slightly barnyard or damp forest floor at first, then as the day goes by it develops a fruity almost floral scent without loosing its initial sweetness and still maintaining the bass oud note. Very highly recommended, for me it was love at first smell.

Thank you for this beautiful review. See you soon!


Allahuma baarik senteur très douce, agréable et de longue tenue. Magnifique !

BarakAllahou fikoum pour votre jolie commentaire, nous sommes heureux de voir toujours nos clients satisfait !

Very rare. Excellent Quality

The fragrance of cambodian is very unique and super long lasting, rich aroma of this is of very premium quality.

Thank you for the wonderful review!

Cette huile Cambodi est excellente et très raffinée avec des tons puissants au début et plus doux...

Cette huile Cambodi est excellente et très raffinée avec des tons puissants au début et plus doux par la suite. Excellente tenue sur la peau, dure des heures.
Je recommande vos produits.

Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire positif !