Oud Oils Malaki Grade The Rainforest Box 3 Pure Agarwood Oils

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Discover our captivating Oud Malaki Collection through our Rainforest Box…

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of pure Oud, an unparalleled olfactory experience that will take you to the heart of the most subtle fragrances and the rarest essences. In our collection, you will discover the richness of pure Oud Oil, a natural treasure with regal fragrances that will awaken your senses and transport you to a world of luxury and exceptional olfactory authenticity…


Explore our range of Southeast Asian Oud Oils Malaki and embark on a unique olfactory journey through our Rainforest Box full of exquisite perfumes in 3 vials of 3ml each.

Oud oil, also known as Agarwood oil or Dehn Al Oud, is a fragrant essence of unparalleled richness, extracted from the precious Agarwood that matures in the regions of Southeast Asia. We have meticulously chosen the finest Oud oils to offer you this natural and authentic essence, cherished by renowned perfumeries worldwide, delving into the heart of Oriental culture.

In our elegant Rainforest Box, you will discover an exceptional array of 3 vials of 3ml each, sourced from Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia, each revealing the captivating power and quality of Oud. Allow yourself to be transported into the mysterious and enchanting world of these unique fragrances.

Experience the sensory journey of precious Oud oil and let it carry you to distant horizons, awakening your emotions and evoking admiration.

Each vial of Oud oil in this Box invites you to an unparalleled olfactory adventure. Explore the art of Oriental perfumery and immerse yourself in aromas that are rich and incredibly fragrant.

The 3 vials included in our Rainforest box (3ml each):

▪️ Oud Oil Burmese Malaki Aged 2020
▪️ Oud Oil Cambodian Koh-kong Malaki Aged 2019
▪️ Oud Oil Vietnamese Malaki Aged 2019

Fragrance Family: Oriental

Fragrance Type: 100% pure Oud Oil (unmixed and no chemicals)

Quantity: 3 x 3ml

Various Notes: Leather, fruity, sweet, grassy, tobacco, floral, and woody with a touch of dark and dried fruits.

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