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Resinous char

Deep resin chips with woody dark fumes.

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This Trat, is "where it's at"

Over the years I have a variety of "trats".. With all types of grades.. some were impressive most , Not exceptional HOWEVER!. This Trat stong has depths the others Did not have..
It has deep notes that are very close to a hint OF LAOS.. it's bottom notes are Smokey the top !! The unique notes of trat..
This is by far the most intriguing Trat Oud I have experienced..
This NATURAL CREATION along with other Ouds from Sabily are hitting the mark in representing Quality Natural Scents,
by the Grace of "THE CREATOR"..!!


Your passion for our Trat Oud is palpable! If this Trat Oud stands out among your experiences, it's a valuable find. We highly recommend our Aged Trat Antique, which is even richer, more intense, and deeply enjoyable to wear. It will be an even more precious discovery for your senses! Thank you for highlighting the quality we offer to our customers.

For lovers of Laos

Subhana Allah!!..
Not sure how they did BUT IM VERY GLAD THEY DID..
I have NOT smelled a version of LAOS this good in Years.. it definitely is reminiscent of OLD LAOS...
jazakumullahu khairan for Suppling us with this Ofactory TREAT!!!

We greatly appreciate your positive feedback. We are honored by your positive review on the exceptional quality of our Laos Antique, highlighting the remarkable quality. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are delighted to have met your expectations coming from a connoisseur like you. We strive to provide high-quality olfactory experiences! See you again!

Pursat Cambodi (2023)

Masha Allah, Sabily Collection has remained my "go to" for quality oud oil at a reasonable price.. the latest addition of Pursat Cambodi has vibrant notes with great sillage.
The slight barnyard note in the opening is soft and add to the depth .. after a while the spices take the lead..
It's an excellent addition to my collection..

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Kalimantan is pretty big within the Borneo Island. I smelled a Kalimantan before which I didn't enjoy the profile, it was pretty dry woody with nothing much else going on. I wonder what region was it from

Sabily's Kalimantan oil is pretty complex and has mad projection and lasting power! This one smells incensy with aged woods nuances. It comes with amazing richness and complexity: my nose picks up smokey coffee note which is wonderful. This one makes you think with every sniff!

Highly recommended if you like intense ouds

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Intense and gentle at the same time!

The kind of oud that makes the head spin from how good it is! Product description is spot on and I can't think of anything else to add. 10 / 10

Also, the Hirta wood from Sabily opens exactly like this oil when heated gently!! Amazing stuff

Enjoy it! We're so happy that you enjoyed our Royal Malay Hirta Oil. Thank you for the positive feedback, it means a lot to us...


Smells smooth like freshly made salted-popcorn with extra butter and a touch of vanilla that adds a nice, mild sweetness. Now I'm craving popcorn!

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Aquilaria Cumingiana

Another aquilaria species I never came across before. Love Sabily for providing such a variety of agarwood species!

Also one thing to note, Sabily's description is spot on both for the wood and oil

So back to the wood, starts cool and refreshing menthol-like scent which transitions to both floral and smooth chocolatey and woody smell. Just like opening an antique wooden box filled with wrapped chocolate

Lovely comforting scent

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High quality Oud

Excellent Oud Burma, I love it, long lasting and wonderful aroma. Very good quality for an affordable price 👏

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The smell just makes you smile and you certainly feel relaxed with a body buzz!

It starts so creamy like sandalwood with clear saffron milk undertones and cardamom and some other subtle sweet spices. It goes slightly green towards the end

The wood itself is so dark and full of resins, feels so nice to just hold and look at

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First time trying Malaysian oud and this oud comes from the Aquilaria Beccerianna which I never came across before

This one is super sweet and fruity. The fruitiness is different to a Philippino or Silani ouds which are more yellow fruitiness. This one is more plum and berries!

The incense process an addictive quality. I was surprised when I smelled it. Now it makes me wonder how the oud oil smells!

Hopefully I will buy the Malay Royal Hirta in the future 🙂

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Citrus coffee

I have the oud oil which smells cool minty and very floral with a hint of coffee, one of my favorite oils!

The oud chip itself smells sweet floral citrus like ripe mandarin, bright and lovely with slight dark coffee note

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The province!

Super woody with earthy undertone, reminds me of ripe Puerh Chinese tea with the notes old leaf and burnt caramel and dry prunes

Reminders me of the smell of something woody burning in the distant farms in a rural area

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Dark honey!

Instantly I smell the dark honey, just like the desert acacia tree honey that grows in Oman! Pretty smokey after that honey-like sweetness

First time ever smelling this kind of oud, such a unique aroma

Very nice malasian oud oil

I received this malay oud oil and i can say for it’s price it’s one of the best malay oud oil i have and tried.

Glad to know you liked it, thank you very much for your review.

Coffret Cadeau Encens Oud Chips Lover
Umar A. (United States)

I am very pleased with this purchase. Even though I've only heated some of the Wild Oud Agarwood Chips Burmese Aged at this point, I can tell you the piece that I heated in my electric burner was full of resin and the aroma was heavenly. The one small piece that I heated for 4 hours per day lasted me 3 days. I can't wait to try the other oud choices but I'm sure that they will not disappoint.

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The chips I received were ok, I thought because of the price the quality would be better. Not so...

high quality

high quality

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Une pure merveille magnifique a recommandé et tres bon conseil du vendeur

Merci pour votre confiance et votre commentaire, heureux de voir que nos produits vous plaisent, à très bientôt pour de nouvelles effluves.


First, thanks to Sabily team with their great help and suggestions, always take good care of customers ! I came back to give a second review 1 year after using this essential oil for massage: Oliban HOJARI ( Boswellia sacra ) has literally cured my illness, changed my life ! After continuous massages on my knees, whick suffered during 8 years of Osteoarthritis ( Arthrose), seen doctors for years, knee injections, aqua gym for 3 years, nothing made it better ( I am not old at all). Since I started to do knee massage with Oliban essential oil, slowly the pain is released after few months, and now 98% of pain are all gone, as if I never had this problem, I can jump like a rabbit. Of course together with good food regime, rest, and physical activities. Natural healing with discipline create miracle ! Don’t search everywhere for medical promise, the answer is here ! Now I am helping an elder age friend to heal his knee problem. For those who has sensitive skin, mix this oil with a organic sweet almond oil (no scent) is fine for the skin. Prendre soin de son corps et DIEU guérit !

We are very happy to see that your health has literally improved and that you have almost recovered from your osteoarthritis by the cause of our essential oil, we hope it will bring general well-being and help you have a better days by having excellent health!
Thank you for your review, your confidence in our products and for sharing your wonderful experience. See you soon!

Unique oud

I really recommend this oud , it's so good , and for sure highly recommend this shop with there beautiful service. Thank you

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Beautiful bakhoor

First I want to thank you this beautiful shop about their care and even the wrapping was so perfect .
The box well organized and each type has a unique incense. Thank you .
Highly recommend.

Glad to know you liked it, thank you very much for your review.

Frankincense oil

This oil is really super 😃! It’s therapeutic and I love the smell!
Ordered more than one bottle!!
I can recommend it!!

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Wild Oud Chips Malaysia

I'm extremely pleased with the service of the Sabily Collection shop! I can rely on the advice of the owner.... as I really don't know much about burning Oud chips! 200 % satified!

Glad to know you liked it, thank you very much for your review.

Pince à charbon et encens
Annie V. (Belgium)
Petite pince a charbon

A very useful little instrument! 100% satisfied!! But

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